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Various Projects - Programmer
Throwback Entertainment
Programming work across several games currently under NDA, including new IPs and a sequel to a cult classic. Tasks span areas of the programming field, but primarily focusing on networking code through Azure Playfab.
Repearmen - Designer and Programmer
GGJ 2020 Submission
I just wanted to goof around with physics-driven gameplay, so we made a game about pears with butts hitting each other with hammers. Hi, I'm a download link.
Free Time - Designer and Programmer
GGJ 2019 Submission
Small project for the 2019 Global Game Jam made by a two person team. A game about the struggle to keep a healthy balance between fun time and chore time around the house. There is a conceit shortly into the game that I find to be quite intriguing, download the game and check it out for yourself!
Borderlands 2 VR - Programming Support
Dinosaur Games and Gearbox Software
Brought in by Gearbox for bugfixing due to unique experience with PS4 VR in conjunction with their studio. Primarily worked on squashing Move Controller bugs for final release.
Penn & Teller VR: F.U.U.U.U. - Programming Support
Dinosaur Games and Gearbox Software
Also brought in for past PS4 experience. Additionally, responsible for bringing support for updated PS4 SDK into an older source build of Unreal Engine to meet Sony TRCs for submission.
Manifest 99 - Programming Support
Dinosaur Games and Flight School Studio
Handled the porting, submission, and release of the game's Steam and Viveport versions.
Desert Bus VR - Lead Programmer
Dinosaur Games and Gearbox Software
Sole programmer on the VR remake of the “classic” “game” Desert Bus. Handled a wide range of tasks from creating support for VR and traditional input schemes, programming multiplayer functionality, and developing and optimizing for both PC and PS4.
So Below - Lead Programmer, Designer
Designed and programmed player movement and combat, planned and baked level lighting, and focused on optimization for low-spec mobile devices.  As lead programmer, either oversaw or gave aid on nearly every script in the game.
Game Experience
Software and Tools
  • Unreal Engine 4 (with Microsoft Visual Studio)

  • Unity (with Microsoft Visual Studio)

  • Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop

  • MS Office Suite

  • Jira, Trello, MantisDB, etc

  • Azure Playfab

  • Playstation 4 Porting & TRC Compliance

  • Fluent in C# and Javascript

  • Some experience with C++, XML, and JSON

  • Board games

  • Tabletop RPGs (DND 1E-5E, Pathfinder, Basic Fantasy, Mythras, Lancer, you name it. I’m the forever DM...)

  • Disc golf

  • Cooking and/or eating delicious food

  • Drinking interesting beers

  • Can’t wait to travel once this pandemic ends

Austin Community College

Associates degree in game design.

The University of Texas at San Antonio


Majored in biomedical engineering for two years. After Calculus II, I was over it and quit to pursue my passion in games. At least all the vector math I had to do comes in handy.

Liberal Arts and Science Academy


Graduated under the 4x4 distinguished plan, the most rigorous high school graduation plan in the Austin Independent School District.